To Cherry Blossoms in Ukraine.ウクライナの桜

When will the cherry blossoms in Ukraine bloom this year
and what will they see there?

Katae-jinja Shrine is located directly in front of Katae-an.

There is a cherry tree in this shrine.

We wait for the cherry blossoms to bloom again this year.


We have been fighting COVID-19 for two years already.

Cherry blossoms will bloom here soon.

Cherry blossoms, a sign of the coming of spring .

Let’s get through this COVID-19 disaster.


let’s turn our eyes overseas.

Right now, people in Ukraine are suffering more than us.

It is incomparable to us.


Cherry blossoms in Ukraine.

When will they bloom this year?

What will the cherry blossoms see then?

Cherry blossoms in Ukraine,

Please help heal their hearts as much as you can.


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