Terms of use

Terms of use
Please read the following before using the facility, and we will ask for your consent when making a reservation.
Please note that if you do not follow the rules stipulated in this agreement, you may be refused to continue using the facility.
1. After making a reservation from the website, the reservation will be confirmed when payment is made to the bank designated by the facility or credit card payment (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) is confirmed. If the payment deadline set by the facility has passed, it will be cancelled.
2. Check-in is from 16:00 to 21:00. If you do not arrive at the time you contact us in advance, please be sure to contact us.
Check out is 10:00. When you check out, please do a simple cleaning.
3. Accommodation representatives are requested to fill out an application form upon arrival at the facility. The application form must be filled in with the names and ages of all users, and must be signed to comply with this agreement.
4. Entry or use by anyone other than those registered as use applicants is strictly prohibited. If there is a change in the number of reservations (increased number of customers), please be sure to contact the facility and pay an additional fee.
(If there is no declaration, you will leave immediately. In this case, the fee will not be refunded.)
5. If there is a change in the number of people (decrease in the number of people), please do so at least 7 days before.
In addition, the transfer fee or credit settlement fee (3.6%) for refund of reduced number of people will be borne by the customer.
(Refunds due to a decrease in the number of people from 6 days before the scheduled date of use will result in the same fee as the 14 cancellation fee)
6. Charges for using optional services locally must be settled in cash at checkout.
Even if the optional service on the day of the reservation is canceled, the difference cannot be refunded.
7. If you need a receipt, PDF file to your designated email address. Please note that no local receipt will be issued.
8. The room is non-smoking. Smoking is possible outside the site, but please be careful when cleaning up, especially after fire. (If you find signs of smoking indoors, you will be charged 100,000 yen for deodorizing the entire building.)
9. If you use the kitchen (only in the designated place), please clean up and clean immediately after use.
10. Pets are not accepted at this time, and are not accepted.
11. Nightwear is not available, so please bring your own.
12. Please refrain from gambling, acts that disturb the manners, or acts that disturb the neighborhood.
13. Various facilities and goods
Do not use it for purposes other than its intended purpose.
Please return to the original location after use.
Even if there is an accident in the parking space, property damage, etc., we can not assume any responsibility.
In the event that facilities or goods are damaged or soiled, you will be responsible for the full cost of restoration.
14. Cancellation fee for reservation is as follows. Cancellations after bank transfer will be refunded with the following rates excluding cancellation fee and transfer fee. Cancellation of credit card payment will be refunded excluding cancellation fee and credit fee (3.6%) at the following rates.
30 days before ……………… Transfer fee or credit fee only
Cancellation 30 days to 15 days ago: 50% of the usage fee and each fee
Cancellation 14 to 3 days in advance: 75% of the usage fee and each fee
Cancellation 2 days ago … 80% of the usage fee and each fee
Cancellation the day before ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ 90% of usage fee and each fee
Cancellation on the day or if there is no contact … 100% of the usage fee
If the flight is canceled due to bad weather such as typhoon, no cancellation fee will be charged. (Only those who have informed the flight in advance)
15. A separate cleaning fee will be charged if the building is heavily soiled.
16. Always wear valuables when you go out. The facility owner is not responsible for the theft of valuables and goods brought in by the customer.
17. Please note that insects may invade and generate in guesthouses and rooms due to its natural location.
18. Please refrain from using barbecue outdoors or talking loudly after 21:00 in the evening to give consideration to the neighborhood.
19. Staff may visit for administrative purposes.
20. If you violate this agreement, you may refuse to continue using it. In that case, the usage fee that has already been paid will not be refunded.
21. We are not responsible for accidents caused by natural disasters, gas accidents, or other accidents that do not comply with usage rules due to the carelessness of users.
22. In the event of a natural disaster such as a typhoon, it may not be available.
Responsibility for accommodation at the property begins when the user enters the facility and ends when the user leaves the facility for departure.

We will accept applications after approving these terms.
guesthouse KATAEAN.