Approx. 29-minute bus ride from Matsue Station to Katae (recommended views around the lake by the right from Matsue station) bus timetable and attractions

katae⇔ Adachi Museum car about 53 minutes bus no direct access to the Adachi Museum, so bus via Matsue station, by train from Yasugi station, Yasugi station From the Adachi Museum free shuttle 30minutes)(every


Katae ⇔ Disen Ski resortcar about 1 hour 10 minutes

katae ⇔Mizuki Road car about 23 minutes

Katae ⇔ Shimane Cherry Road about 14 minutes by car cycling or walking recommended


katae ⇔ Matsue Castle about 18k It is recommended to take a bus (500 yen per day) from Matsue station and the like Line bus for about 31minutes by car